Step by Step Guide to Choose the Perfect Bar Stools 0

Believe or not, finding the perfect bar stools is quite a daunting task because perceptions of people differ and so do their preferences. For some people, looks are the ultimate thing while for others, comfort is king. Some people like to stay stationary while some others want to swivel. In your endeavor to find the perfect bar stools, there are lots of things that need to be considered including height, material, depth and the price. Here, we’ve jotted down a step by step guide which would help you to find your desired bar stools.

1. First Decide Your Purpose 

a. Commercial

Commercial stools are designed to deal with different kind of wear and tear associated with bars, restaurants and various public places. Commercial stools come equipped with various options including backrests, swivel, upholstery and padding. If you’re planning to use the stools at business settings, look nowhere beyond procuring commercial grade stools which provide durability. Remember to check that the stools come with manufacturer’s warranty.


b. Residential

In case you’re planning to use your stools only for residential purposes, you can opt for commercial grades as well. Though the basic options will be similar to commercial stools, you can put some extra bucks in for the looks. For instance, you can look for stools with vintage/rustic look or with distressed looking paint finishes.


2. How to choose the right bar stool height?

Height plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting the perfect barstool. Though from a game room to the kitchen and everything in between, bar stools are meant to offer efficient and easy seating, wrong height can reverse the scenario dramatically, especially if you need to manage smooshed legs. Bar stools are available in four common heights namely counter height, table height, bar height and lastly, extra-tall bar stools.


a. Short/Table-Height Stools

Short or table-height stools are shorter than bar or counter stools and can be a wonderful substitute for chairs at your breakfast corner or dining table. These stools should have the following attributes.

    • They should come in a height between 17” and 18”
    • Provide a casual look
    • Greatly cater to the seating purposes of kids and children+

      b. Counter-Height Stools

      These stools are perfect choices for a 36” counter or to be used for additional seating arrangements. Though counter-height stools are usually smaller compared to typical stools that can be seen in bars or restaurants, these could be great options for your kitchen space or home bar. Ideal characteristics of these stools are:

        • Height should be anything between 24” and 26”
        • Should be convenient for a majority of people

        c. Bar-Height Stools


        Bar-height stools are ideal for standard 42” counter or bar top. These can be used for seating arrangements at work spaces such as garages. These stools are taller than the usual dining chairs and can be found in bars and restaurants. Standard attributes of these stools are:

          • Height should be from 28” to 30”
          • Should cater to kitchen seating arrangements as well

          3. How to choose between different designs at bar stools?

          Bar stools are actually multifaceted pieces of furniture, which you can use in almost any room, from dining room to kitchen to your patio. You can find lots of bar stools with assorted styles and designs that can often make the decision making a difficult task. Read on to know the attributes in terms of designs of different kinds of bar stools which would surely help you to narrow down your search.


          a. Modern Bar Stools

          Modern bar stools usually consist of metals and sleek lines. Seats in these stools are normally made of leather, molded wood, vinyl, plastic or metal sometimes, fitted with hydraulic or gas lifts in center posts made of metal. The usually available colors are brown, black, red leather and white.


          b. Traditional Bar Stools.

          These bar stools typically use painted woods, dark woods, aged metal patinas and country or leather fabric cushions. Traditional bar stools usually come with elaborate details such as curved legs and carvings. You can find swivel or fixed designs with and without backs, arms. Varied designs are available in this category, from European traditions to American heritage styles and from Scandinavia to Mediterranean ones.


          c. Contemporary Bar Stools

          Contemporary bar stools signify the present-day styles which include skimmed stainless industrial-inspired designs. Majority of these stools come with no backs or low backs and without arms. Many contemporary bar stools are designed as traditional ones while some others swivel. Seats of these stools tend to be available in primary colors.


          d. Rustic Bar Stools


          Rustic or country bar stools usually come with distressed wood, wicker and chipped paint that provides a casual feeling. Two-tone finish is often performed on these stools which means the seat contains one color while the back and legs contain another. Some rustic bar stools manufacturers offer customizable options as well.


            e. Industrial Bar Stools

            Design of industrial bar stools is an amalgamation of function and form. Distressed metals are integrated with salvaged wood works to develop enjoyable as well as efficient vibes. Some industrial bar stools come equipped with height adjustable facility which make them perfect for use in bar, kitchen and dining room.


            4. How to choose between different materials of bar stools?

            Bar stools are your one-stop-solution for seating requirements. From seating at a bar table or breakfast bar to a kitchen counter – they cater to every purpose. Nowadays, bar stools are being made from varied materials like wood, leather, metal and plastic, among others. With so many options available, it can be a daunting task to choose the material that fits best to your needs. Here, we’ve listed three of the most popular materials to make your job a little easier.


            a. Wood

            Wooden bar stools can greatly vary in terms of quality and add a traditional old school vibe to your décor. The usual component of wooden stools is rubber wood which can withstand wear and tear. Other kinds of woods that are used to make these stools are wicker, rattan and teakwood, among others. These are great options if you want to make a room more inviting and warmer. Additionally, these are easy to maintain and clean.


            b. Metal

            Metal stools are available in contemporary styles and are ideal for outdoor use. These are water-resistant and their heavy-duty component makes them robust and long lasting. You can find metal bar stools made from brass or nickel, stainless steel and artistic aluminum, among others. Like wooden ones, metal stools too can be maintained and cleaned easily.

            c. Upholstery

            Upholstered stools provide great style and comfort. These bar stools are available in options like vinyl, leather, linen, faux suede, microfiber, polyester etc. which are easy to maintain and can be cleaned effortlessly. These materials can resist stains in a better manner and thus can be ideal choices for using around beverages and food. Upholstered stools create a comparatively more inviting ambience for entertainment and kitchen areas.


            5. How to choose the right color pattern?

            A high proportion of bar stools come in solid colors which make them ideal choices for different kinds of rooms. Since they can seamlessly blend into a bar setting, many prefer them. However, its’ advisable to check out some divergent color patterns too as you may find a more perfect pattern that enhances the aesthetics of your home bar. For instance, a wild print color pattern could be an eye-grabbing element to turn people’s heads the right way towards your bar.


            6. How to choose between different styles of bar stools?

            a. Swivel Bar Stools

            With this mechanism, bar stools can have a turning range of somewhere between 180 and 360 degrees. With this turning range, one can easily turn towards others or get on and off seamlessly. However, swivel bar stools occupy more space and may become a difficult seating arrangement for the kids and elderly.


            b. Back

            Types of back for the bar stools solely depend on your desired level of comfort and look. If you want to have swivel bar stools, backless stools are good choices. In case you need bar stools that provide some amount of back support, you can opt for high-back or low-back bar stools. Backless stools occupy less amount of space and weigh less. These are ideal for short-duration seating purposes as they don’t provide any back support.


            c. Arms

            Bar stools that come equipped with arms can provide added elegance, support and luxury and give the setting a more formal look. As they occupy further space, don’t forget to measure the height of the counter or bar before purchasing. The arms should seamlessly slide under your counter. There are varied options available when it comes to arms, from padded or cushioned arms to wooden arms, from which you can take your pick.


            7. How many bar stools should I buy?

            Together with determining the quality, material and height of the bar stools, you’ll also have to figure out the number of stools that will comfortably fit into your counter or bar area. You should plan the seating arrangement in such a manner that it allows the guests to leave or get into their seats comfortably. For instance, if you have plans to use swivel stools, adequate room must be provided for the stools to swivel without bumping into other stools or the guest striking a person in the adjacent stool. Ideally, there should be a gap of somewhere between 26” and 30” between each stool (from one midpoint of a stool to the next). Additionally, you should leave a space of approximately 14” from the midpoint of your last stool from the wall. This space will help guests to comfortably drink, eat and get in and out of the seats. If a significant number of guests frequently visit your joint, then you should consider stools in different designs instead of swiveling bar stools. Your ultimate goal should be accommodating a number of expected guests in a comfortable manner.

              • Andy Magnes